Anscare draws eyeballs at MEDICA 2022 in Germany

19 Dec.2022

Anscare draws eyeballs at MEDICA 2022 in Germany with patient-centric products that set new wound care standards

This November, Anscare participated in MEDICA 2022 in Germany. MEDICA, the world’s largest medical trade fair,attracts doctors, technicians, distributors, and other medical practitioners from around the world each year, hence presenting a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to connect and exchange ideas.

At MEDICA 2022, Anscare’s participation and product showcasing generated exciting on-the-spot discussions, further validating Anscare’s user-centric product design. Some of these products showcased include: the ChitoClot Gauze, a chitosan hemostatic gauze which quickly controls severe hemorrhaging in emergencies through significantly effective hemostatic performance; the LeniScar Silicone Stick, an easy-to-use topical silicon scar treatment which diminishes scars after wound healing. LeniScar’s unique “solid state, immediate-drying” formula and “lightweight pen-like design” makes caring for scars more convenient; SIMO, the new Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system which addresses the limitations of traditional non-portable negative pressure therapy by adopting both breakthrough “electricity-free” designs and is uniquely lightweight and portability, hence helping patients quickly return to their normal lives. 

Anscare, in keeping true to its “making wound care easier” product design concept, will continue providing even more advanced wound care products for patients and medical community around the world.