ChitoClot Gauze

100% medical-grade chitosan gauze for severe bleeding control (Sheet, Roll, and Z-fold Type).


Hemostatic Gauze 

Anscare ChitoClot Gauze is composed of 100% chitosan non-woven. Its hemostatic performance is significantly more effective compared to other commercial products impregnated or coated with hemostatic agents. ChitoClot Gauze maintains its structural integrity even after blood absorption, and is designed specifically for battlefield and emergency medical professionals for quick control of severe hemorrhage. ChitoClot Gauze also provides a moist environment for wound care purposes.   

A Solution for Every Bleeding Situation


Law Enforcement

EMS & Fire Rescue



  • Rapid hemostasis to reduce bleeding time
  • Maintain a moist environment to promote wound healing
  • Can be cut into proper size
  • Conformable dressing
  • Easy to apply and remove

Z-Fold Hemostatic Gauze

Z-Fold ChitoClot Gauze could be used by taking one end of the gauze and packing the unfolding part directly onto the bleeding site. It is suitable to cover larger wound areas.

Rolled Hemostatic Gauze

Rolled ChitoClot Gauze  could be used for bleeding wounds on the hands and feet as it  could be directly wrapped around the wound to absorb exudate. It is suitable to cover larger wound areas.

Layered Hemostatic Gauze

Layered ChitoClot Gauze  could be directly covered on the  bleeding sitewith compression, or used with a compression bandage for  stable hemostasis.

Blood Coagulation Mechanism of Chitosan

With chitosan cation (-NH3+), our product can actively accelerate blood coagulation by attracting negatively charged platelets to form a loose clot. When platelets aggregate, they activate coagulation molecules (thrombin, serotonin, ADP, TxA2) that accelerate the aggregation of fibrin and red blood cells to form a coherent blood clot in plugging the injured blood vessel.

Instruction for Use

Open package and apply ChitoClot Gauze over bleeding wound directly.

Apply firm pressure to the wound for at least 3 minutes until bleeding stop.

Wrap the wound with a bandage to provide a continuous pressure.

Do not remove the gauze and seek immediate medical care.

Clinical Trial

Clinical Use

Skin donor site wound-comprehensive comparison of Anscare ChitoClot Gauze and other dressings on hemostasis

Remove skin from the donor site
Apply other dressings and Anscare ChitoClot Gauze sequentially
Apply pressure on the donor site with medical towel
(37th minute) Remove dressings and observe the condition of the donor site
Anscare ChitoClot Gauze is a more effective hemostatic agent than other dressings


Composition 100% Chitosan non-woven
Sterilization γ-ray Sterilization
Application EMS, Wilderness rescue, Industrial and Occupational safety, Sports, Personal and Home care. For use as a temporary external dressing to control moderate to severe bleeding and manage external abrasions, lacerations
Types of wounds: Abrasion, Cuts, Lacerations, Stab injuries, Penetrating trauma, Bruises, Gunshot wounds, 1st and 2nd degree burns


REF Specification Packing
CG-212-1 7.5cm×180cm (3"×6') Roll 1 Roll/Bag
CG-212-2 5cm×40cm (2"×16') 8ply 1 Pc/Bag
CG-212-3 10cm×80cm (4"×32') 8ply 1 Pc/Bag
7.5cm×120cm (3"×4') Roll
1 Roll/Bag
10cm×40cm (4"×16') 4ply
1 Pc/Bag
10cm×10cm (4"×4') Single-ply
1 Pc/Bag
7.5cm×180cm (3"×6') Z-fold
1 Pc/Bag
7.5cm×300cm (3"×10') Z-fold
1 Pc/Bag