PVA Eye Spear

Quickly cleans eye surface and absorbs diffuse fluids during ophthalmic procedures.


Anscare PVA Eye Spear is made of soft, absorbent and highly retentive polyvinyl alcohol foam. The porosity is controlled for a variety of applications, including LASIK and refractive surgery. Anscare PVA Eye Spear is gentle on the eyeball and cornea, and is designed to quickly clean the surface of the eye and absorb diffuse fluids during ophthalmic procedures.


  • Designed for ophthalmic surgery
  • With air-foaming technology, PVA foam is ultraclean without any residue
  • Lint-free, fiber-free, particulate-free
  • Extremely hydrophilic
  • Extremely fast wicking and high fluid retention
  • Rapid fluid absorption
  • Soft and comfortable

Key Features of PVA

  • 3D open-cell structure (interconnected pores)
  • Rapid fluid absorption
  • Extremely fast wicking
  • High fluid retention
  • Lint-free, fiber-free, particulate-free
  • High-tensile strength & abrasion resistant
  • Adjustable pore size
  • Soft and comfortable when wet, like a natural sponge
  • Bio-compatible with human body, anti-adhesive, low irritation

Air-Foaming Technology

  • Purified air to form the pores of the sponge material
  • No chemical additives in pore-forming process
  • High quality and ultraclean without any residue
  • Distinctive micro-structure, continuous porous web of interconnected material
  • Low bacterial growth lowers infection

Product Structure


Composition Medical-grade PVA foam, Polypropylene handle
Absorption rate >5X
Sterilization γ-ray Sterilization
Application The PVA Eye Spear is designed for use in ophthalmic or microscopic surgical procedures to absorb excess fluids from the operative field