Healus Wound Gel

Gently hydrates necrotic tissue and promotes autolytic debridement while absorbing slough and exudate.


Anscare Healus Wound Gel provides a moisture-balanced environment for wound healing that promotes autolytic debridement of necrotic tissue, slough, and eschar. It can also absorb excess exudate to avoid maceration of the wound bed.


  • Maintains moist wound environment
  • Superior exudate absorption
  • Promotes autolytic debridement 
  • Easy to use

How Healus Wound Gel Works

Released action: Excellent ability to donate moisture to a dry environment. 

Absorbed action: Superior performance in absorbing excessive exudate from the wound bed.  

Clinical Trial

Male / 80 years old / pressure ulcer

Female / 71 years old / diabetic foot ulcer


Composition Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, Alginate, Glycerol, Lactate, Purified water
Application - Venous ulcers (leg ulcers)
- Diabetic foot ulcers
- Pressure ulcers (including stage IV) 
- Burns (1st and 2nd degree)


Order Information
DG-12-4111 15g
DG-12-4112 25g