Healus Foam

High absorbency and fluid-handling capacity. Reduces frequency of dressing changes.


Anscare Healus Foam maintains a moist wound environment and provides excellent fluid management for longer duration. The high-absorption capacity reduces the frequency of dressing changes, helping to prevent renewed infection.


  • High-absorbency and fluid-handling capacity
  • Maintains a moist wound environment
  • Visual control of exudate absorption
  • Painless on removal
  • Cost efficient

Innovative Structure

The open-cell structure of Healus Foam provides excellent absorption capacity and allows the wound and periwound skin to breathe.


Composition Polyurethane polymer
Application - Chronic wounds (venous, diabetic foot, pressure ulcers)
- Acute (operative incision and abrasion wounds)
- Burns (1st and 2nd degree) - Donor site wounds


REF Size
Healus Foam FS-11-3111 (10cm x 10cm)