ChitoClot Artery Compression Device (Femoral)

Innovative combination of ChitoClot pad and device designed for femoral hemostasis.


Novel combination of compression device and ChitoClot Pad delivers more active and stronger coagulation effect. Continuous and stable compression can reduce a patient’s blood loss and the risk of complications, such as limb swelling, limb numbness and cold limbs. No time-consuming manual compression is needed. Smart rotating knob design enables medical staff to easily adjust pressure to a moderate level and adjust according to patient’s hemorrhage condition at any time. Soft flannel belt can be used for long duration without causing swelling, itching, irritation, or allergy. Special Velcro can sustain vertical tensile force of up to 15N.

Silicone rubber pad

Maintains stable and uniform pressure on the surface.

Smart rotating knob

Allows for easy adjustment of pressure any time.

Soft flannel belt

Special Velcro provides a firm and comfortable fixation under tension.

Plastic release sheet

Designed to enable medical staff to first remove the compression device. The ChitoClot pad can be left on the puncture site for further processing.


Composition Knob, Fixing plate, Pressure plate, Silicone pressure mat, Flannel belt, ChitoClot pad
Sterilization EO sterilization
Application Bleeding management after radial intervention surgery
Certification CE Class III (W/ ChitoClot Pad) / CE Class I (W/O ChitoClot Pad) / TFDA / CFDA
AC-2-1 (with twin adhesive) AC-2-2 (with ChitoClot Pad) AC-2-3 (N/A)