Trends in the Medical Industry during COVID-19

25 Aug.2021

Over the past two years, COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we live and work. We’re not sure how long the global pandemic will last, but we can expect that homecare and telemedicine will be key development areas in the medical industry for the next three to five years. That’s on the back of a lower frequency of hospital visits and hospitals putting stricter risk control measures in place.

We’ve seen increased demand for homecare among the general public so we think there are three directions for the medical industry over the next decade: product user friendliness, product accessibility, and data sharing and analysis. Based on this line of thought, Anscare’s key focus in the coming years will be to offer patients access to medical products in a user-friendly manner and ensuring that they can adhere to correct usage instructions. For instance, we’ve broadened our sales channels from hospitals and pharmacies to online stores and drugstore chains, allowing consumers to have quicker and easier access to the products they need. As for design, we’re emphasizing products that can be used with ease. Our aim is for patients to be more independent of healthcare professionals so they can perform wound-care treatments at home by following one or two simple steps. These will be the main development directions for Anscare in the coming years.