Spotlight on SIMO and Partnerships for Applications of NPWT

24 Feb.2023

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) uses controlled negative pressure (vacuum) between the wound and the dressing to help promote healing. Suction from a device drains exudate and infectious substances from the wound bed into a collection canister or by allowing it to be absorbed directly into the dressing. It also pulls the wound edges closer, reducing the wound surface.

Anscare’s NPWT device, SIMO, is lightweight, battery-free, canister-free, and has smart indicators that make wound management easier and more effective. SIMO has been adopted by numerous medical institutions in Taiwan and has successively expanded internationally to the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia.

SIMO has been used in clinical trials in Malaysia by renowned wound management expert Dr. Harikrishna KR Nair, who will present his studies on SIMO at the Taiwan Society for Wound Care’s Innovative Research Meeting for 2023.

In addition, Anscare will also be demonstrating SIMO’s patented polymer dressing, which absorbs exudate and facilitates tearing, helping to reduce the frequency of dressing changes and discomfort.

If you’re in Taipei on 11th March, we look forward to seeing you at the seminar and at our booth. Stay tuned for more on this event.


Innovative Research in Wound Care/2023 Annual Meeting of TSWC


CHANG YUNG-FA FOUNDATION International Convention Center


March 11, 2023


09 : 30 ~ 10 : 00  Advance in Wound Management

13 : 40 ~ 14 : 20  Utilization of Single-Use NPWT in Managing Chronic Complex Wounds