Open Possibilities for Healthcare Synergies with BenQ Group at Medical Taiwan 2024

18 Jun.2024

At Medical Taiwan 2024, the BenQ Group will bring together a powerful consortium of 10 affiliated companies and brands to showcase a diverse array of innovative products and solutions catered to both healthcare professionals and consumers. As a leading force in Taiwan’s healthcare industry, the Group works closely with its global customers and supply chain partners to fully capitalize on industry trends and jointly drive medical innovation.

Empowering Medical Innovation in Taiwan

The BenQ Group has a legacy of healthcare leadership in Taiwan, leveraging its strong R&D and innovation capabilities in the technology sector to drive progress in the medical field. The Group focuses on medical equipment and consumables, medical solutions, and healthcare products, serving both professional and consumer healthcare needs. 

At Medical Taiwan 2024, 10 Group affiliates and brands will take center stage, including BenQ Dialysis, Qisda, Golden Spirit, Naisen Caring, and BenQ Materials' Anscare, Cenefom, SIGMA, Web-pro, DermaAngel, and Miacare.

Expect a captivating display of high-value offerings, featuring the BenQ Dialysis Qflux Dialyzer, Qisda Ultrasonic Transducer, Golden Spirit cleaning and disinfection products, Cenefom Surgical Sponges, SIGMA sterilization packaging, and Web-Pro Surgical Drape Materials.

By harnessing synergies and fostering collaboration within the healthcare value chain in Taiwan, the Group elevates smart medical solutions to the global market, ensuring that Taiwan's high-quality products and technologies plays a role in advancing the healthcare industry worldwide.

Synergy for Global Impact — A Holistic Ecosystem for Better Healthcare

The Group's commitment to innovative technological strength is not limited to a portfolio of diversified and top-notch professional medical solutions, but extends to the healthcare and beauty fields. This is exemplified by its globally renowned brands like Anscare (wound management), DermaAngel (skincare), Miacare (Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses), and Naisen Caring (oral care). 

Driven by a desire to solve the pain points of consumers' daily healthcare needs, the Group continues to push the boundaries of product development, backed by its deep bench of R&D capabilities. Rigorous raw material selection, groundbreaking product design, and optimized manufacturing processes culminate in safer, more convenient solutions. These advancements actively safeguard user health and unlock new possibilities for global healthcare.

Looking ahead, the Group will further accelerate the integration of its diverse resources to open new possibilities in the healthcare industry. By expanding its reach in local and international markets, the Group is poised to make further strides as a global leader in health innovations and technologies.