NTU Hospital Professor Presents Clinical Results of Anscare’s SIMO Postoperative NPWT System at EWMA 2023, Europe's Largest Wound Management Symposium

16 May.2023

Anscare participated in the European Wound Management Association's (EWMA) annual conference in Italy on May 3-5, 2023. The event brought together more than 5,000 healthcare professionals from 96 countries and hundreds of international companies to share the latest developments and innovations in wound care. Anscare showcased the SIMO NPWT system, widely recognized for its battery-free, smart indicator, and canister-free benefits.

SIMO has been presented at many medical conferences in Taiwan and internationally. This year, Anscare invited Professor Nai-Chen Cheng from National Taiwan University Hospital to share his clinical experience with SIMO in postoperative wound care at the symposium. SIMO's unique product design enables greater convenience for wound care treatments and effectively supports the healing process, reduces pain, and improves patient satisfaction, earning high praise from the symposium attendees.

The SIMO NPWT system can be applied in a wide range of chronic and postoperative wound care situations. Previously, at Wounds Asia 2021 and EWMA 2022, wound care expert Prof. Dr. Harikrishna from Malaysia presented the results of SIMO treatment for chronic-wound patients. Anscare will continue to provide better wound care products and services to the global market, elevating the wound care experiences for patients.