Innovative Horizons: BenQ Materials to Unveil Cutting-edge Medical Solutions at MD&M West 2024

24 Jan.2024

Join us on February 6-8 at MD&M West 2024 as our four distinctive brands under the BenQ Materials marquee – SIGMA, Cenefom, Anscare, and Web-Pro – showcase the marvel of healthcare materials and demonstrate unparalleled innovation across various medical applications.

SIGMA: Introducing the Latest Tyvek® Coating Technology

By leveraging in-house eco-friendly water-based adhesive technology, SIGMA’s groundbreaking standard enables independent perforation while preserving Tyvek®’s breathability, resulting in a reliable sterile barrier with a precisely engineered porous structure. Achieving a harmonious balance between breathability and sealing strength, SIGMA leads the way in sterile barrier excellence.

Cenefom: Tailored PVA Foam Solutions

Embark on a journey through Cenefoam’s versatile PVA foam, with features such as anti-adhesion, water absorption, and water transmissibility. Cenefom’s extensive customization capabilities empower customers to craft tailored solutions that align with their unique requirements.

Anscare: Showcasing Chitosan, Hydrogel, and Hydrocolloid Applications in Various Healthcare Solutions

With the spotlight on chitosan, hydrogel, and hydrocolloid, delve into their distinguished material properties and medical applications to unlock new realms of possibility for medical advancements.

Web-Pro: Polylaminate and Fabric Compositing Solutions

For confidence under every layer, trust Web-Pro's comprehensive array of materials for diverse medical needs, including Protective Clothing Polylaminate, Underpad Fabric, Surgical Drape Fabric, and the distinctive Anti-slip Absorbent Polylaminate.

Unleash the potential of pioneering medical innovation. Join us at booth #1786 at the Anaheim Convention Center, California. We look forward to meeting you at MD&M West 2024!