BenQ Materials donates Anscare MaskMate to protect healthcare professionals from pressure injuries caused by wearing face masks

12 May.2020

BenQ Materials’ healthcare brand Anscare produced Anscare MaskMate for healthcare professionals to prevent pressure injuries caused by wearing face masks for a long time. Anscare MaskMate is an innovative product researched and developed by Anscare team in order to help the healthcare professionals during the global pandemic. BenQ Materials donated 5,000 pieces of the MaskMate to the nurse department of National Taiwan University Hospital right before the International Nurses Day, sending regards to all staff working at the hospital. BenQ Materials’ chairman Z.C. Chen has represented to donate the MaskMate in the hope to protect healthcare professionals while they are treating patients. Anscare focuses on wound care applications by leveraging the strength of BenQ Materials’ advanced materials science technologies. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Anscare created the Anscare MaskMate which can cover face skins and prevent wearers from constant friction caused by the face masks. The MaskMate was clipped according to the shape of human face with materials that are skin-friendly, flexible, and extendable. It can effectively reduce the pressure caused by face masks especially at the bridge of nose and cheekbones while keep a face mask perfectly tight to the face.