BenQ Materials Corp. at MD&M West 2022 in Anaheim, CA

22 Mar.2022

We’re all geared up for MD&M West 2022 on April 12-14 where our medical brands — SIGMA, Anscare, and Cenefom — will be showcasing exciting materials insights and key technologies. At BenQ Materials, we’ve applied years of accumulated experience in materials science to medical care products. SIGMA, Anscare, and Cenefom leverage our core expertise and manufacturing technologies to develop various solutions for the medical industry.


Blister films produced by a seven-layer extrusion machine is rare in the medical packaging industry. These films excel in tensile strength and puncture resistance. Building on over 40-years of experience in sterilization packaging, our blister films have been developed and utilized in various packaging solutions by medical device manufacturers.

  • Anscare

 Incorporating advanced materials science methods, Anscare offers a wide range of wound-care dressings that provide complete wound-healing solutions, including hemostasis applications, wound and scar care.

  • Cenefom

Our air-foaming PVA sponge is manufactured using proprietary high-end air expansion technology. Compliant with high medical-grade standards, it is widely used in surgical fields, including ophthalmic, ENT, NPWT wound dressing and medical tampons.

Personifying BenQ Materials’ spirit to “Live with Innovation”, SIGMA, Anscare, and Cenefom’s products are designed to make all the difference in bringing the best-in-class products to market.   Join us at booth #1355 to learn more about our capabilities in the intersection of advanced materials and manufacturing.

Venue: Booth #1355, Anaheim Convention Center, California

Date: April 12-14, 2022