Anscare’s Mission and Goals

25 Aug.2021

Many people are curious as to why BenQ Materials entered the medical industry and established Anscare over 10 years ago. Frankly, it was a foreseeable move given that BenQ Materials is constantly looking to leverage its materials science technologies to bring people-related applications that benefit everyday living. So we started to think about how to apply our research and core technologies to the medical field and bring innovations to this area.

Anscare was founded with the view of combining our expertise in materials science and R&D to develop medical solutions that meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. In the early days, we developed products containing chitosan which were more effective for hemostasis treatments. We also applied polymer materials and biomaterials to develop wound management products, such as pads, which offered patients better options for wound healing. Lately, we’ve provided products in the scar-care area to broaden our product lines and fulfill our mission of helping patients at various stages of recovery, from wound generation to wound healing and scar treatment.

In recent years, we also switched our focus from product applications to a more total solutions approach. Our latest development has been to enable patients to have a more comfortable life and a smooth treatment experience while reducing healing times and allowing them to get back to a normal life more quickly. For example, NPWT (negative pressure wound therapy) is now a common method to draw out fluids and infection from a wound during the healing process. But the usual NPWT cycle takes weeks or even months and affects a patient’s quality of living. The fact is, patients still want to enjoy a normal life even when conducting NPWT. And so we developed a lightweight and compact device called SIMO which allows for convenient NPWT at home or in the hospital without the limitations of time and space.

The Anscare team will continue to develop innovate products to meet the medical industry’s demands and offer patients comfortable and efficient treatment.