Anscare donated ChitoClot Gauze the Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau

21 Nov.2022

Anscare donating ChitoClot Gauze Working with the Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau to Protect Police during Critical Moments

When police carry out their duties on the streets, they often face unpredictable and hidden dangers. Because they are often exposed to violence, conflict, gun fights, and physical altercations, it is inevitable that they will get injured or have accidents. In cases of major blood loss, the most important thing in saving life is to control blood loss within the crucial rescue time.

To express our care towards local events and people. In October 2022, chairman ZC represented BenQ Materials to donate Anscare ChitoClot Gauze to the Criminal Investigation Bureau to help police control blood loss if they encounter an accident. ChitoClot Gauze can help reduce damage to a minimum during the crucial rescue period and give police another layer of protection during the execution of their duties.

Anscare ChitoClot Gauze has been certified by the European Union's CE, the United States FDA, and Taiwan's TFDA. The gauze can rapidly control blood loss and is an important wound care product also used by foreign elite troops.