The secrets behind effective bleeding control – ChitoClot series and its applications

Hemostasis is the first step in wound management for severe bleeding. Methods for rapid and effective bleeding control are undoubtedly essential in hemorrhage management.

Hemostasis is the first step in wound management for severe bleeding. It’s a race against time to prevent hemorrhagic shock, a major cause of potentially preventable deaths. Methods for rapid and effective bleeding control are undoubtedly essential in hemorrhage management.    Anscare’s ChitoClot series, including pad, gauze, and bandage, has proven to be effective for hemostasis. These products are made of 100% chitosan and designed to control severe hemorrhage within minutes. Here are some insights about the applications of ChitoClot series and how they can benefit patients for effective bleeding control.


Trauma is a leading cause of death and disability in gunshot wounds, car accidents and earthquakes. These emergencies can cause large-size wounds with oozing; around 40% of deaths are due to bleeding or its consequences. Optimal methods of early hemorrhage control are essential to reduce mortality rates. 


Dialysis is the most common treatment for patients with kidney failure. On average, a patient needs dialysis treatment three times a week. One of the complications is bleeding. Since the process requires blood to flow freely through a fistula, patients usually take blood-thinning medication, which can lead to easier bleeding. It’s important to stop fistula bleeding to avoid anemia or even death. However, using tourniquets for a long time after hemodialysis may create complications such as thrombosis and stenosis that not only reduce the quality of treatment but also lead to prolonged bleeding.

Percutaneous coronary intervention

Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) is a common treatment for patients with heart disease. However, these interventions can lead to severe bleeding at the puncture site, so it's critical to stop the bleeding quickly. 


Having a first-aid kit ready at home or in the car allows for effective response to common injuries and emergencies, where a delay of just one minute can cause irreconcilable damage. If there’s prolonged blood loss, it becomes life threatening.

A well-equipped first-aid kit can prevent further complications from an injury/medical situation. For effective bleeding control, applying gauze and bandage immediately to stop blood loss is critical. But it’s difficult to stop bleeding efficiently without the proper medical products on hand. 

Why ChitoClot series

Anscare’s ChitoClot products, including gauze, bandage, and pad, are made of 100% chitosan. Chitosan is a positively charged polyelectrolyte with non-toxic, biodegradable and biocompatible properties, so it does not readily cause allergies. With chitosan cation, the ChitoClot series actively accelerates blood coagulation by attracting negatively charged platelets. Additionally, the ChitoClot products can effectively provide an antibacterial barrier that has no biological rejection, reducing patient discomfort and pain during compression, and offering better patient outcomes. This helps patients by reducing the time needed to stop bleeding, minimizing the risk of infection, stemming excessive loss of blood and risk of death.