Hydrocolloid Dressing

Medical-grade hydrocolloid with high absorption capability and facilitates wound healing.


AnsCare Hydrocolloid Dressing is composed of medical grade hydrocolloid with high absorption capability. It can create perfect environments for wound healing. The growth factors serve to aid in healing the wound can be maintained under the cover of hydrocolloid dressings which provide moist environments. Dressings keep wound at around 37 °C, the regeneration and healing of tissue can go smoothly. Semi-permeable membrane nature, prevents wounds being infected, and keeps ventilation at the same time to provide a good recovery condition.


  • Optimal moist wound healing environment
  • Patented central rip line design
  • Unique thin edge and thick central structure
  • Perfectly fit, perfectly invisible
  • Semi-permeable membrane nature
  • Special sticky formula
  • Against UV

Clinical Trial

Scar-free spot wounds management

Cleanse the wound area and hands.
post-op :
Five spot wounds left after laser treatment.
The dressing of exp-group absorbs excessive fluid. Change the dressing, when it turns into white.
The dressing can use 3-5 days continuously when less wound fluid secretion. Perfectly invisible dressing provides naturally beautiful look.
In comparison, the wounds of exp-group are perfectly healed with less pigmentation.

Instruction for use


Cleanse the wound area and hands.

Take out one of the hydrocolloid dressing from package.

Remove half of the dressing release paper

Center and attach the adhesive side of the dressing over the wound site.

Remove the remaining pieces of the release paper.

Gently press the dressing for 3-5 seconds


Partially remove the white release paper from the dressing.
Remove the transparent release paper.
Center and attach the adhesive side of the dressing over the wound site. Be careful not to touch the adhesive side of the dressing.
After removing the remaining pieces of the release paper, gently press the dressing margins to the skin for 3-5 seconds.


Composition Carboxymethyl cellulose, PU film
Thickness (mm) Edge: 0.07
Central: 0.41
Stickiness (g*f/mm) 1500~800
Absorption (wt%) >500%
Application Spot wounds caused by Laser operations / Acnes / Superficial wounds
Certification FDA / CE / TFDA / CFDA
Patent No CN201558223U、US6309500B1


REF Specifications Size a Size b
HP-300 1.2cm 1.2cm
HP-310 4.2cm 2.1cm
Size a 1.2cm
Size b 1.2cm
Size a 4.2cm
Size b 2.1cm
  • AnsCare Hydrocolloid Dressing